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Specializing in guitar, bass, piano, voice, and drum lessons.

Why learn music?

Everyone dreams of being a star at some point. You may be inspired by an on-stage musician or that guy you know that plays so well.  Even if you just want to experience the joy of music for yourself, we can help you achieve your goal of learning to play or sing.

“Every child is an artist until he’s told he isn’t an artist.”
John Lennon


“You only get better by playing.”
Buddy Rich

We offer a little something for everyone! Whether you are interested in taking guitar, bass, piano, voice, or drum lessons, we’ve got you covered. Send us an email today to find out more about how you can get started learning to play!

music lessons

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Our mission

-To better our world through leading others in learning to express themselves through music.

-To promote the musical arts in order to train the next generation of instrumentalists, vocalist, and worship leaders.

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