Can Anyone Learn Music?

There’s a belief floating out there that music isn’t for everyone. Although some people might have a more natural ability to play an instrument, I think anyone can benefit from learning how to play at some level. Does that mean everyone is meant to master an instrument? Nope. Unfortunately sometimes there are physical and or developmental limitations that may keep someone from playing an instrument at the top level. I know for myself that I will never be able to shred a guitar solo like some of my favorite musicians but that doesn’t mean I don’t continue to try and learn how to play better than I already do.

Learning to play is much more than trying to be the best at it. The truth is, even developing a little bit of musical ability goes a long way toward self satisfaction which we could all use more of in our lives. Anything we can do that betters our quality of life is well worth the effort.

Don’t forget, in our day and age, music is made not only from physical instruments but digital instruments and software as well. For those that prefer the digital approach, I say learn all you can about what makes music what it is, the theory of it all. Then you can apply that to your digital approach and make amazing music that a physical instrument could never begin to approach.

Artistry is in the making, whatever platform you choose to make it from.

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